My Dream

The Mali of My Dreams

What I can see,

  • A Mali preserving its environment for happy future generations;
  • A beautiful calm and stable country living harmoniously with its neighbors, with all the States standing for a freedom, justice and peace-loving world;
  • A splendid country providing meaningful education and vocational training worthy this name to its children;
  • A much-envied country where no one goes hungry, a country where all drink safe water to satiation, a country where all have improved access to electricity, quality medical care, irrespective of income.
  • A MALI rooted in its major cultural values breeding work ethics, love of fatherland, regards for elders and common good;
  • A MALI opened to the world and involving straightforward in the big projects for the betterment of humanity.
  • A truly democratic country which provides equal opportunity for all its children, ensures the full enjoyment of individual and collective freedoms, a country which rallies all its active forces for harmonious and balanced development;
  • A prosperous and strong MALI standing on good living standards.
  • To translate this Mali in my dreams into the actual Mali is today my passion and my AMBITION.

My ideas for Administration,

I propose 5 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

Conferences and consultations upstream major projects
Reform of Malian Government Administrative System
Defining the Difference between Political and Administrative Systems
Help to start a business and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Mali
Reform of the justice system, more fair and equitable

My ideas for Diaspora,

I propose 1 big project. Nous soutenir

Support for the Malian Diaspora

My ideas for Education,

I propose 2 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

Restructuring of vocational education (training, apprenticeships)
Launch of a training plan and support for teachers

My ideas for Employment,

I propose 3 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

More job opportunities for the youth
Create New Job Opportunities and Improve Work Environment
Prioritization of local businesses and contractors for public procurement

My ideas for Environment,

I propose 3 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

Production of Renewable Solar Energy
Modern Agriculture, Cattle Breeding and Fishing Systems
Protection and Rehabilitation of Our Rivers and Their Ecosystems

My ideas for Health,

I propose 4 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

Improving Quality of Life for the Elders
Food Security, Clean Water and Prevention of Disease
Modern and Well-equipped Hospitals
Building Urgent Care and Birth Centers

My ideas for Infrastructures,

I propose 2 bigs projects. Nous soutenir

Nationwide electricity plan
Build New and Renovate Existing Road Systems

My ideas for Security,

I propose 1 big project. Nous soutenir

Restructuring of armed and security forces and their equipment

News, Medias, Documents

The Speech of Ras Bath
The Speech of Ras Bath


My Project of Society
My Project of Society

Posted the 12 April 2018

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Visit to the international Craft Exhibition
Visit to the international Craft Exhibition

Posted the 12 April 2018

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